Warming up for Early Birds
Suzanne van Berkum

  • Friday October 29th – 9.00 – 9.30 h
  • Saturday October 30th – 9.00 – 9.30 h

For athletes it is a most common habit: “warming up” at the start of the training. To slowly get the body going and to on one hand optimize the performance and on the other hand prevent the risk of injuries as much as possible.
There are many similarities between (top)sport and playing a musical instrument.
A decent warming-up at the start of your studying is essential for us, musicians, from beginner to internationally renowned professional musician. Breath, all (abdomen- and lip)muscles involved, fingers, maybe even our ears: they all without any doubt benefit by a good warming-up. But what is “good warming-up”?

In this warming-up for Early Birds we will pay attention to different elements that fit in a good warming-up, points of attention during playing and several exercises. You may also find that warming-up is a great moment to fully focus on several substantial aspects of playing the bassoon.

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