Sustainable reeds and tools
Freek Sluijs

  • Friday October 29th – 13.45-14.30 h
  • Friday October 29th – 14.45-15.30 h

After one year of learning to play the bassoon making reeds became a part of the lessons, and since then it appeared tob e an important part of my existance. Different models of reeds, looking for cane, knives and other tools became very important. Helping hands are welcome for everybody. In these workshops I will tell about the roads that I found.

How do you make a bassoon reed? The simple version with preprocessed cane and a minimum of tools, but also the making from scratch will be treated.
The finishing of a reed, several directions and methods will also be featured.
And how do you easily sharpen your reed knife yourself, to make not just your reeds, but also your tools sustainable?

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