Dealing with stage fright – Tiziana Pintus

  • Saturday October 30th – 13.45-14.30
  • Saturday October 30th – 14.45-15.30

Master Your Performance Skills
How to make stress your friend.
What distinguishes a great performer from the rest doesn’t just lie in physical training but also in mental training. Just like athletes, musicians must prepare mentally in order to physically perform well. The same mental preparation techniques that athletes use can also help you master peak musical performances.
What are you telling yourself? Do you see yourself succeeding? Are you aware of how your view can shape the outcome of your endeavours? How would it be if you could learn how to, and could, use that inevitable stress to play better?

Mental performance skills are just like any other skill:
with practice you too will master them.

In this workshop you will learn about fundamental skills and effective strategies that are necessary for performing at your best, specially when under pressure. But most importantly you will learn how to use and apply them to your daily practice, on your instrument in preparation for your performances.

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