Music and sustainability at the bed:
‘Un Pas de Trois’ – Erik Heineman

  • Sunday October 31st – 11.30-12.15 h

In the autumn of 2015 the first practice exercises of the MIMIC – Meaningful Music in Healthcare – project started. Goal of the project was not just to research the effect van live-music on the recovery after an operation and to develop a new innovative music practice of ‘person-centered’ music, but also to observe the interaction between patients, musicians and care workers.

A snap shot:
In the book ‘If Music be the Food of Love, Play on’ (2019) we write ‘Our awareness that music has a transformational potential should be utilized as much as possible’.
The MIMIC-project has created this transformation for patients, musicians and care workers. MIMIC has brought undivided attention and with that love where undivided attention and love are sometimes scarcely present, but oh so indispensable.
You could call it musicfulness. A setting where special people, special music in a special setting share undividedly attentively and lovingly…..with a very special consequence; happiness. Happiness for patients, musicians and care workers.
A real ‘Pas de Trois’.

What happens at Musicfulness?
Musicfulness is mindfulness with music as a source of undivided attention, of focus. Nofocus, endless streams of thoughts, make unhappy (‘A wandering mind is an unhappy mind’ by Killingsworth and Gilbert, Science 2010; 330, 932).
Mindfulness, undivided attention, is the road to compassion, sympathy, to love for yourself and love for the other. Music helps. Music calms the mind and opens the heart. Music is the bearer of a universal language, it connects, it brings happiness.

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