Attending a concert by Bram van Sambeek and his students inspired composer Rieteke Hölscher to write a work for 16 bassoons.  The result was Flarden (Fragments).  The composer writes:

Flarden is a work in which by turns each player begins a new musical fragment, to which the other players react, imitating each other.  As one fragment threatens to become overdeveloped, the next fragment begins.

I wrote the work as a reflection of the idea that in contemporary society there seems to be less and less space for an individual to really focus on one thing.  When you try to concentrate on something, distraction is inevitable, in the form of messages, notifications, news, film clips, games and so on – thus ‘fragments’.

This remarkable composition will have its world premiere on Sunday the 31st October, the final day of the festival Bassoons for Future. 

 We are still looking for bassoonists (advanced amateurs – niveau D/grade 8, conservatoire students or professional bassoonists) who would like to take one of the parts.  Flarden will be rehearsed during the festival weekend on:

  • Friday 29th October at 14.45-15.30
  • Saturday 30th October at 14.45-15.30
  • Sunday 31st October at 10.30-11.15

The rehearsals and the performance will be conducted by Antoine Janssen.

Would you like to take part in Flarden? Great!  You can register your interest via the general registration form for the festival.

If you are not a conservatoire student, or a professional bassoonist, make contact with Mette Laugs
(email: evenementen@fagotnetwerk.org) to check that you are suitable.

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