The two competitions are a central feature of Bassoons for Future

  • professional competition in three rounds
  • amateur bassoonists in one round

Both are open to players of modern and historical bassoon and contrabassoon.

The jury for both competitions is as follows:

  • Thomas Oltheten (jury chair),
    (baroque)bassoonist with the Apollo Ensemble
  • Jozsef Auer, principal bassoon,
    South Netherlands Philharmonic Orchestra
  • Marije van der Ende, principal bassoon,
    North Netherlands Orchestra
  • Maurice Wiche, music critic De Limburger
  • Albrecht Holder, bassoon virtuoso
  • Pauline Oostenrijk, principal oboe of theĀ  Residentie Orchestra
  • Ronald Karten, former principal bassoon,
    Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra
Professional competition

This is open to anyone who either

  • is studying at a conservatoire, main instrument bassoon or
  • has completed conservatoire study and has a degree or masters degree, main instrument bassoon

The competition will consist of three rounds:

  • Round 1: Thursday 28th October
  • Round 2: Friday 29th October
  • Final: Sunday 31st October

The professional competition is limited to 18 participants. In the event that more people apply, the jury has the right to make a pre-selection.

Every participant is required to play the piece Het Kastanjespel by Max Knigge, which was commissioned for this competition by the Bassoon Network of the Netherlands.

The participant may choose the rest of their programme themselves; the time restrictions are as follows:

  • round 1: maximum 17 minutes (including 7 minutes for Het Kastanjespel)
  • round 2: maximum 20 minutes (including 7 minutes for Het Kastanjespel)
  • final: maximum 30 minutes (including 7 minutes for Het Kastanjespel)

The participant is free to bring their own accompanist(s) or to make use of the festival accompanist on piano or harpsichord.

You can find the full competition rules here.

If you have questions about either competition, contact Ilonka Luhrman, jury secretary, at:

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