Bassoons for Future
International Bassoon Festival 2021

Organised by bassoonists for bassoonists! For everyone: young and old; professional or novice; from baroque to modern, bassoon or contrabassoon; from near and far. With world-renowned players and teachers from at home and abroad. Workshops, concerts, competitions, masterclasses, lectures, ensemble playing and a wide-ranging trade fair/exhibition.

The festival is open to everyone who loves the bassoon, to everyone who has always wanted to get to know the bassoon better and to everyone who has never even heard of the bassoon.

A dynamic, versatile and sustainable festival, a source of inspiration for everyone involved and a boost for the development of the bassoon and the bassoonist:

Bassoons for Future

28th – 31st October 2021 in Maastricht, The Netherlands

General Information about Bassoons for Future:

  • Competitions – for professional and amateur bassoonists
  • World première Flarden
  • Fees and booking
  • Accommodation in Maastricht
  • Organisation and contact details

Apply for Bassoons for Future before the 1st of October!
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Of course we hope, as the organisation of the bassoon festival Bassoons for Future, that by the end of October there will be no, or at least hardly any corona restrictions applicable anymore.
In case there will be restrictions because if the covid-19 pandemic, the restrictions as applicable at the locations of the festival, have to be followed.
The organisation of the festival could decide to cancel parts of the program or to livestream them (partly), due to corona restrictions.
In that case, all current information concerning this will be published on this webpage.

Questions? Contact us by emailing Mette Laugs:

Festival main location:
Maastricht Conservatoire
Bonnefantenstraat 15
6211 KL Maastricht

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